Offering Animal Feed Supplements, Veterinary Drugs, Pharmaceutical Products, Chemicals, Vitamins, Enzymes, etc.


Offering Animal Feed Supplements, Veterinary Drugs, Pharmaceutical Products, Chemicals, Vitamins, Enzymes, etc.

Know Us

We, Crystal Pharma, are committed to deliver quality products with competitive price, quick delivery and reliable business transactions to our esteemed customers. With rich expertise and leading market know-how, we have established an enviable reputation of one of the leading exporters, importers, stockists and suppliers in the industry. Our efficient workforce and reliable vendor base assist us in offering products such as Chemicals , Pharmaceuticals API , Veterinary Drugs , Animal Feed Supplements, Aqua F
eed Supplement, Vitamins, & Enzymes etc.

We have continued to diversify our operations under the efficient guidance and leadership of our mentor Mr. Harnish Shah. His sound product knowledge and market expertise has helped us in establishing long term partnerships with the top quality vendors in the business. Using our wealth of knowledge and extensive supplier base we are able to source fresh products and efficient services to meet the requirements within the specified timescales.

Product Index

For several years, we have been offering premium products in the market. Sourced from reliable sources, our products are widely appreciated in the domains of safety and reliability. Banking on rich expertise and immense knowledge, we are able to offer products such as:

  • Chemicals & Pharmaceutical
    • Food Ingredients, Beverage Ingredients
    • Agro Chemical & Fertilizers & Supplements
    • Fine Chemicals
    • Pharma Chemical & Solvents
    • Biotech Chemicals
    • Pharma Raw Material
    • Nutraceuticals Products
    • Animal Feed Supplement
    • Poultry Feed Supplement
    • Animal Healthcare Products
    • Aqua Feed Supplement
  • Vitamins & Enzymes
    • Chemical Enzymes
    • Health Vitamins
    • Dairy Products (Preservatives & Vitamins)
  • Veterinary Drugs
    • Fenbendazole BP Vet

Name of Items

Albendazole CP 2000

Lucantin 10%(Beta Caroten) 10%

Amprolium Hcl BP Vet Pure

Mebendazole I.P.

B.H.A. (Butylated Hydroxy Anisole)

Neomycin Sulphate BP/USP

B.H.T. (Butylated Hydroxy Toluene)

Niacin amide IP/BP/USP

Calcium D Panthonate USP

Niclosamide BP Vet

Chloramine - T

Nitrofurazone BP/USP

Chloramphenicol Powder IP/BP

Oxyclosanide BP Vet

Ciprofloxacin Pure IP/BP/USP

Oxytetracycline Hcl BP/USP

Citric Acid BP/USP

P-Floxacin Pure

Closantel Sodium/Base BP/ Vet

Potassium Iodide IP Pure

Colistin Sulphate Pure

Praziquintel USP

DL-Tetramisole Hcl BP/USP

Rafoxanide BP Vet

Doxycycline Hcl BP/USP

Sorbic Acid BP/USP

Enrofloxacin Pure Base

Sulphadiazine BP/USP

Ethopabate. BP Vet

Sulphadimidine BP/USP

Fenbendazole Pure

Sulphaquinoxaline Sodium BP Vet

Folic Acid BP/USP

Tetracycline HCL BP/USP

Furaltadone Hcl BP/USP

Tween 80

Furazolidone BP/USP

Tylosin Tartarate BP Vet Pure

Gentamycine Sulphate BP/USP

Triclabendazole BP/USP Vet

Glycine USP

Vitamin A Palmitate 1.7 MIU

Inositol USP

Vitamin B1 Mono Nitrate BP/USP

Iodine IP Pure

Vitamin B2 I.P./B.P.

Ivermectin B1 Pure

Vitamin B6 I.P./BP/USP

Levamisole Hcl BP/USP

Vitamin C Coated BP/USP

Lincomycine Hcl BP Vet 98

Vitamin C Plain BP/USP

Lycopine 6%,10%

Vitamin D3 IP/BP/USP

Lutene 10%

other Animal Healthcare Products


B.K.C. (sol) 50%

Maduramycin Amonium (Granular)1%

BBMD (BacitracinMetylene) 10%

Morantel Citrate

Betain Anhydrous (Feed Grade 96%)

Manganese Sulphate 98%

Biotin 2% (Feed Grade)

Phytase (2500/5000/10000) Granular

C.T.C. 15% (Granular)

Potassium Iodate

Calcium Propionate

Protein Hydrolysate 60% Powder

Choline Chloride 60% (Cereal-Base)

Protein Hydrolysate 20% Liquid

Choline Chloride Pure

Salinomycine 12% (FG)

Clopidol BP Vet Pure

Sod. Selenite Pure

Colistin sulphate 10% (feed grade)

Sodium Benzoate I.P.

D.O.T. 98% Pure

Stomach Extract Powder

Dextrose Mono hydrate

Tri choline citrate 65% (w/w)Sol.

Diclazuryl (FG) 0.5%

Trimethoprim IP/BP

Diclofenac Sodium IP/BP

Tylosin Phosphate 10% Granlar

DL-Calcium Panthonate (FG) 45%

Vitamin B2 80 % (F.G.)

DL-Methionine 99% (FG)

Vitamin 'E' Acetate 50% (FG)

Ethoxyquin (FG) 66%

Vit.A Palmitate 1.6 M.I.U/Gm.(F.G.)

Formalin/Formaldehyde 37/38 %

Vitamin AD3 (1000/200)

Glutaraldehyde 50% Sol.

Vitamin B12 BP/USP

Lacto Bacillus Spronge

Vitamin D3 (F.G.) 5 Lac IU/Gm

Levofloxacin B.P.

Vitamin E Liq.93%/(FG)/,96%USP

Liver crude 1:15(Inj.)

Vitamin K3 Pure

Liver Extract Powder

Vitamin AB2D3K (Triple Strength)

Liver Paste

Xanthum Gum USP

L-Lysine Mono Hcl 98.5%

Yeast Extract Powder


Zinc Bacitrain 15% (FG)

Zinc Oxide Pure (Zinc-76%Min.

Application Areas

Products we offer are widely appreciated in the industry. Besides, known for reliability and effectiveness, our products find applications in following areas:

  • Food Industry
  • Poultry Industry
  • Aqua Manufacturers
  • Medical Sector
  • Dairy Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Nutraceuticals Industries

Quality Assurance

Achieving true quality in all our products is of prime importance to our company. Owing to the priority and concerns to ensure quality products in the market, we have developed an effective quality management system under the supervision of vigil quality professionals to keep a check on the entire process. They procure products only after testing the products for ensuring their composition, effectiveness and other specific features.

Vendor Base

In order to meet our clients requirements in a timely manner, we have developed an authentic and reliable vendor base to source quality products. Our desire to stay ahead in the competitive sector has compelled us to follow an organized procurement process with our vendors. Constant market research by our procurement agents help us to analyze various vendors and choose the best amongst them. Further, we assess our vendors on the basis of parameters such as:

  • Quality of raw material used
  • Prompt delivery
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Industry experience
  • Financial stability

Warehouse and Packaging Facility

In order to reach our clients with timely and effective services, we have developed a capacious in-house inventory system to store our products in bulk quantity. Effective in accommodating voluminous quantities, it is technically paired and temperature controlled to guard our products from any sort of damage and defects.

Moreover, we lay extra emphasis on packaging of our products to guarantee their safety till the time they reach their destination. Therefore, to avoid any damage during the transportation and storage, we use only company recommended quality packaging material for our products.


As a customer focused company, we have developed our methodology while keeping in mind our customers perspectives and requirements. Building on customer oriented policies; we deliver spot-on solutions meeting the most demanding specifications of our clients. Besides, committed to providing industry renowned customer service, we are chosen for our efficiency in building long term partnerships with our clients.

Why Us?

Unbeatable quality of our products has always remained a prime contributor in the growth of our organization. In addition, there are some other factors that have assisted us in scaling new heights are:

  • Well laid out marketing network
  • Optimal customer satisfaction
  • Market leading prices
  • Timely and safe delivery of the products
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